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Our 50 years anniversary 2019-01-26 YouTube
The whole concert in one go

Set 1:
Get out of town
Old country
Never will I marry
You stepped out of a dream
I'm so scared of girls when they're good looking
Johnny one-note

Set 2:
Sax no end
En gång i Stockholm
Gröna små äpplen
Mood Indigo
Olhos negros
I left my heart in San Francisco

Mercy, mercy, mercy

The tunes below are recorded live in Lund, Sweden. Some of them are somewhat shortened.

Gonna Fly Now   [4:08] - Mejeriet, 2007-05-06
Sing, Sing, Sing   [3:47] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11
Soul Bossa Nova   [2:43] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11
New Mambo   [3:00] - Café Athen, 2004-12-08

The Lady Is A Tramp (vocal)   [2:29] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11
It's A Wonderful World (vocal)   [2:06] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11
My Shining Hour (vocal)   [2:40] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11
Angel Eyes (vocal)   [2:04] - Café Athen, 2006-12-11

Wonderful Copenhagen (instrumental, waltz) [0:28] 2,9 MB, 2007-10-13
Fly Me To The Moon (vocal, foxtrot) [1:49] 4,4 MB, 2007-10-13

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